Flashback Friday! “The Children of Captain Kirk”

As I mentioned before, Warp 11 was initially spawned as an idea for a weekly Internet TV show we were doing back in 99 called the Prime Directive. The show was a half an hour long and the band was created to fill about 4 minutes of said show each week. We also did things like Trek News, Trek Haiku and Trek Commercials like the one you’re about to see here.
This one is pretty self explanatory. Please, reach deep into your pocket and give today.

TSA To Add Bat’leths to Prohibited Item List












Are you a Are Klingon traveling across the country to settle an honor dispute? The TSA would really like you to keep your traditional weapon out of your carry-on bag.

“A homemade version of a Bat’leth or ‘Sword of Honor’ was removed from a carry-on bag at Puerto Rico’s main international airport late last year. While this was the only Klingon weapon confiscated last year, a similar Bat’leth was discovered at New York’s LaGuardia airport in 2012.”

This is just another example of the rampant paranoia which is currently affecting air travel around the globe. What’s will they ban next? Our lirpa?











Our rapiers?










This is only one of the many reasons I only travel by transporter.