Sci-fi rock superstars Warp 11 returned to the studio to remake their classic debut album “Suck My Spock”. A wicked light-speed ride through the witty brains and hardcore punk roots of Warp 11, “Suck My Spock Some More” presents their original mission as never heard before.

Reuniting with co-producer Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones), Warp 11 completely re-mixed and re-mastered the original recordings, updating lyrics and re-recording several parts along the way. The difference is substantial and the result a must-have for any Warp 11 fan. “Suck My Spock Some More” also contains additional two songs written in Warp 11's early days but never professionally recorded – “Make It So (TNG)” and the fan favorite “Montalban”.
  1.   Shatner  
  2.   Crusher  
  3.   Help Me Spock  
  4.   Wormhole  
  5.   Space Opera  
  6.   Make It So (TNG)  
  7.   Make It So (TOS)  
  8.   Spock Me, Shock Me  
  9.   IHolosuite Woman  
  10.   I Always Knew I Would Die Alone  
  11.   Yeah Brother  
  12.   Deanna What's on my Mind  
  13.   Kirk Gets Laid Again  
  14.   Suck My Spock  
  15.   Montalban    
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All songs written by Warp 11 (ASCAP). Produced by Warp 11 and Joe Johnston. Recorded at the Pus Cavern Studios, Sacramento, California.
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