We’re Doing it Wrong

So…. We made a music video 10 years ago for our song “She Make it So.” Since then said video has received 76k views. “ASMRTrek” made a video 2 years ago. The video consists of her giving a 1st person eye exam while wearing a starfleet uniform. Her video has 115k views. Why the hell am I wasting my time writing music when I could just make a video of me giving a 1st person proctology exam in a low cut top? Life can be so cruel…

I haven’t purchased a Hot Wheels car since I was 10 but all that is about to change…

Check out one of the coolest Hot Wheel I’ve ever seen… a 1964 Buick Riviera featuring Mr. Spock leaning on the hood. (Based on the iconic picture below.) Apparently, Leonard Nimoy celebrated the success of the original Star Trek TV series by buying himself a Riviera and then posed with his new ride on the studio’s back-lot. It will be sold at comic Con this year but also will be available online Here once the convention is underway. Make it so!

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Great News Everyone!

I bought those new uniforms last night and we just had our first photo-shoot! It turned out FANTASTIC. We used various lightning techniques so that even Brian looks good! Can wait for the next show!


Found Our New Uniforms

Brian, hit the gym! Kiki will look great in one of these and I’ll look fantastic.(Karl) Merlino… you’ll look pretty good I guess. Brian… it just aint gonna be pretty.

Pick up whatever style you like.. Here!

Assimilate Your Morning Cup of Coffee!

Check out the new “Exclusive Star Trek Borg Cube Mug” by Think Geek. It’s a much better idea than their previous “Exclusive Star Trek Borg Sphere Mug” which ended up rolling off my table and spilling hot coffee in my lap. (My captains log still looks like a burnt Ferengi Ear.) Easily worth the $12.99 to prevent a re-run of that episode!

Get yours Here!


Warp 11 Rocks Rockford!

For those of you who can’t afford to buy our 4th CD, (It’s Dead Jim) you’ll be thrilled to learn it’s available at the Rockford IL Public Library! Now if we can just get Atoz to carry it at the library on Sarpeidon…